Made it to Texas! Chosen for high IQ! “Snookie” = Paulie :)

Made it to Texas!  Chosen for high IQ!

July 1 1944 page two and envelope

CLICK TO SEE SECOND PAGE!!!   Teaser:  he calls some people morons!  July 1, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Snookie,

As you can tell by my new address I’m now “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”  The TDTB on the address stands for “Tank Destroyer Training Battalion.”  But don’t start worrying.  I’m in a special communications outfit, specializing in radio.  I’m told we were chosen (only 3 out 17 who came down here with me) because of our mark in the I.Q. test.  We get a 17 week basic during which we have regular infantry and tank destroying work, but we don’t use the big TD’s(tank destroyers) instead we use armed cars, scout cars, jeeps etc.  We just find out stuff and let the other guys fight the tanks (I think).I believe we are also taught how to drive all the vehicles and shoot all the guns.  Sounds very interesting.  Then we begin our radio work about the 9th week.  After basic we may continue in the TD’s or go to other branches as radio men.

The trip down rates a paragraph.  We rode from Wed. night until Sat. morning on a car called a troop sleeper.  It has large seats that fold up and make comfortable beds for about 30 men.  But it was hot and filthy.  At every chance we had, we went up to the air conditioned coaches which carried regular passengers.  I sat in any empty seat.  For Dad’s sake, we passed thru Pittsburgh, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Effingham and St. Louis on the first round.  We had 5 hrs between trains at St. Louis so we all went to the Y, had a shower and took a swim.  Later we ate, went bowling and saw the town.  It has wide streets and practically no traffic lights.  I’m sending Paulie a souvenir from there.  The last round, we passed thru Missouri, Arkansas and Texas, seeing all the sharecroppers living in their horrible shacks.  Down here, it’s hot, damn not.  We have the concentrated salt pills to take.  It’s flat, but slightly rolling country here.

The fellows all seem very nice, as the morons and loud mouths have been weeded out by now.  We’re off until Tue. Morning, then we begin our training.  You can write now.

Love, Bru


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