Training starts! No more ping-pong

Training starts!  No more ping-pong

July 5 1944 (weds) page2 and envelope

Wednesday, July 5 1944

Dear Folks,

Training has finally started.  We were told this first week was going to be hellish and it has certainly lived up to expectations.  The reason is that somehow we lost a week before we arrived and that we have to make it up and this week’s training all in 1 week.  We went strong from 5 AM to 12PM on Tues, with some time out of course for eating and rests.  Today from 5 AM to 9 PM with from 5-7 off and lunch and short breaks.  But during the 2 hour intermission we had to eat, clean our guns, shoes and fix our packs.  Training is half drilling and exercise and half classroom work on our gun, military courtesy, movies and map reading, etc.  More will come every day.  It probably sounds like an interesting course, it is if you can keep awake.

We got 2 more shots and I can hardly move my right arm.  It should go away soon. (I hope)-NULLIFY ABOVE.  (I just saluted during retreat with no trouble at all)  (over)

Please send me some coat hangers, and some of my white sweat socks as they are best for marching. (and if possible a 20 gallon jug of pure water!)  Good news now- the army is going to give me (and all who need glasses) 2 new pair of glasses.

By the way, ignore all complaints as I am just in a griping mood.  Still don’t have stationary.-still borrowing.  Please excuse no letter yesterday.  Too sleepy and no time.  Maybe it’s better you don’t expect one every day.

Have to go now,

Click image above to see page 2. July 5, 1944


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