Why don’t you brag some more about your high IQ? Haha! Also, Bruce gets his gun.

Why don't you brag some more about your high IQ?  Haha!  Also, Unk gets his gun. July 2 1944 page two CLICK TO SEE PAGE 2! July 2, 1944

Dear Folks,                                                                      Sunday

We’re still taking it easy.  Today I washed all my dirty clothes, plenty of them.  We still haven’t used the laundry.  I hope we can soon.  It was hot for a while but in the afternoon it got cool and rained for a while.  It’s still cool and rainy.(8:00PM) Again I’ve heard, and I believe its now confirmed, that our battalion does have the highest I.Q. around here.  It’s notable, especially, among the fellows in my barracks.  They’re all swell and speak good and intelligent English, no morons any more. The food isn’t quite as good as that at New Cumberland, but it’s still palatable, and goes down without coming up again.  I’m used to the salty water and salt tablets now. Yesterday we were issued our carbines(guns).  They’re cute little affairs, weighing about 5 lbs. instead of the infantry’s 9 lb rifle.  Also our full field pack is about ½ of that of the infantry.  I must be lucky. We have tomorrow off(July 3 instead of July 4) and start training on Tuesday.  We have foot lockers and shelves now instead of piling our entire belongings into a barracks bag.  It’s a luxury. I played ping-pong today in the recreation room.  That’s about all we can do as the whole barracks of new men is quarantined for two weeks to the company area.  No PX, no movies, no barber, no nuttin.  That’s a standard army rule and everybody gets it. I’ve run short of stationary and have borrowed this sheet and envelope.  I hope to get some more as soon as possible.  I(‘ve) written a few more letters and post cards, but still none to the majority of relatives. That’s all for now, write,  Love, Bru


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