Scouting, mail travel times, and please send stuff!

Scouting, mail travel times, and please send stuff!

July 11 1944 pg 2 and envelope

Tuesday, July 11, 1944

Dear Mom,

Got your first letter, the one that arrived yesterday and I couldn’t get.  Thanks for the picture.  How about one of Dad and Paulie.

Got off KP about 12:30, I was in the tray room, drying and stacking hundreds of trays and cups.  It wasn’t hard work, much easier than KP at New Cumberland.

We just came from a field class in scouting, patrolling etc.  We used a compass in finding our way from one marker to another.

Miracles of miracles.  We’re off from about 3:15 to 4:45 but during our off time we have to clean our guns etc.  Tonite we have classes until midnite.  I’m pretty sure tonite is the only nite we have classes this week.

If you want to send some stuff, besides the things I asked for (sweat sox, hangers) you may do so.  I’ll probably need more underwear too.

Today is about the hottest so far.  I hope it gets cooler.  At least it is during night times.

Just got your second letter today.  It took 3 days from you to me.  How long from me to you?

We’re lined up now, waiting for a change, on order to sign the payroll or something.

That’s all now,

Love, Bru

PS  I got my own stationary now.

Click to see pg 2 and envelope. July 11, 1944


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