The best leg in the ward! Bruce grows a beard and watches a movie in a mirror

The best leg in the ward!  Unk grows a beard and watches a movie in a mirror

July 15 1944 pg 2 and envelope


Dear Mom,

We had movies last night, but since my bed faced the wrong way, I had to use a mirror to see the screen.  It was Pat O’Brian in “The Iron Major.”  I saw it on last New Year’s Eve anyway.

The Red Cross loaned me two good books, one of which is “Paris Underground”  We also have magazines and a radio loudspeaker for news, music, and some radio programs.

I can’t get a definite answer as to how long I have to stay in traction.   They just pass it off with some vague answer.  I hope the new x-rays are good as the others as the nurse said I had the best leg in the ward.  I hope it stays that way.

You should see my beard.  Haven’t shaved for almost a week and I can’t while I’m in bed.  The only personal belongings I have with me are my glasses, shoes, pants, and underwear which was cut off 2 days ago.  The only thing between me and embarrassment is a sheet as I can’t put on pajamas until I’m out of traction.  They change sheets and pillowcases every morning, tho.

I just started working on a small rug.  You should see the really beautiful stuff the men make here – doilies, belts, wallets, etc.

A chaplain came in a few minutes ago.  He was a short, slightly bald, very jovial man from Pittsburgh.  As he left, after talking to me about everything, he jokingly pulled the hairs on my chest.

Haven’t got any mail yet,



Click above for page two and envelope. July 15, 1944



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