The Red Cross helps out

The Red Cross helps out

July 14 1944 pg 2 and envelope


Dear Mom,

As you can see, the Red Cross gave me this stationary.  They also provide magazines.  The Army has a special service which offers courses and books in practically any subject you want.  Also, one can make wallets and little boxes, etc.

I’ll probably be on my back for a few months, I think, altho according to the last x-ray, my leg has set perfectly which may cut down on time.  They’re going to take more x-rays this afternoon, I think.

All my belongings are still back at camp including my address book so I can’t be writing to many people.

They’re continually giving fruit juices etc and trying to make life more comfortable for us.  There’s just one other fellow in my ward who has his leg in traction – all others have been here long enough to go around in wheel chairs or crutches.  I can’t wait until I can do those things.



P.S. – Note spelling of McCloskey

P.P.S. – Tell people to write

Click above for pg. 2 and envelope. July 14, 1944



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