All the Ants in Texas!

All the Ants in Texas!

July 20 1944 pg 2


Dear Mom and Paulie,

Right now I’m listening to Tchaikowsky (?)’s Fifth.  It’s  being broadcast over the public address system.  I believe they do that sort of thing a few times a week.  This morning the general in charge came around and even asked me how I feel.  Had 2 more x-rays taken to see how my bone looks after the 15lbs had been removed.  I don’t know the results yet.

I don’t have your cookies anymore.  They became the home for all the ants in Texas because the can had a split in it.  I salvaged the wrapped candies, but that’s all.  I’m afraid that’s probably what would happen to anything else like that you send.

It seems as if regular mail can take either 3 or 4 days from you to me, and air mail usually 2.  How long do my letters take to get to you?

The Red Cross is coming around with more magazines.  HA, HA. – the darn fool at the broadcasting room is getting the records mixed up in order.  It’s funny to hear the orchestra go from one theme to another with the change of a record.  Also the records are cracked and have repeated twice already.

I got a nice little letter from Uncle Harry today.  It was dated July 17.  He said Dad phoned him about me but didn’t have any details.  That’s strange.  I wrote to him the same time I wrote to you, and you got yours on the 17th so Dad should have known what happened.  But if he didn’t get my letter, how did he know anyway?  Take this down to Madame Suzie on the boardwalk or don’t they have any of those fake mediums anymore?

I just got a boat model to make .  I made it about 3 times already, but it’s still good.  More juice coming now.

I’ve run dry so – that’s all



Click above to see page 2 for July 20, 1944. then…. CLICK HERE FOR TYPED VERSION.


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