Don’t worry about the nurses. They’re officers! Remember?

Don't worry about the nurses.  They're officers!  Remember?

July 19 1944 pg 2 and envelope


Dear Mom,

Today wasn’t bad either – 5 letters and one package.  Four from you and one from Don.  Thanks for the crumbs, they taste swell.  Now with the prospect of more candy from Aunt Bah, I don’t know where I can put it all – in fact, better lay off until I can get around.

Saw “The Major and the Minor” last nite, for the third time.  It’s still good.  They pulled my bed around so I could see the screen without using a mirror.

A big proportion of the men here were hurt on obstacle courses.  Even though I was injured in a natural, not man-made obstacle, you can see that I’m not the only one doing that sort of thing.

The captain who comes around every day says my leg looks good.  I think I’m going to have more x-rays taken.  He is a swell guy and is the doctor who set my bone.  He knows his stuff.

Altho there’s plenty to do, I still spend time resting and concocting my idea of medical terms, which I hear occasionally around here.  Some examples are:






I’m spending most of my time answering letters.  I taped Dad’s and Paul’s pictures together, cutting off Gerald and Marc and and made a stand for it.

Just got your telegram.  It wasn’t necessary as letters can handle everything. I’ve already said I don’t need anything and have received most of the perishables already.  Don’t worry about the nurses.  They’re officers!  Remember?

That’s all now,



Click above to see page two and envelope….. then….. CLICK HERE TO READ A TYPED VERSION!


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