“I don’t care to see a movie through a mirror unless I have to.”

July 18 1944 pg 2 and envelope


Dear Mom,

As you can see, I’m finally using Aunt Molly’s stationary.  Thank her a lot for it will you  Today was really a red letter day for me.  Up until today I had received just 4 letters.  But today I got 7 letters, and 2 packages.  2 letters fro you, one each from Eve, Wally, Betty Forman, Uncle Phil, and Et Kirson.  The packages were the stationary and the box of caramels.  They are very good. Denx!  Mom, speaking about cookies and candy, since I’m here I don’t have such a big appetite and usually don’t eat all of my food.  So maybe you’d better not send much stuff in that line.

Right now I’m going to play a game of modified bingo that the Red Cross brought up.

Game’s over – I just won a packet of air mail stationary for winning the last game.

Yesterday they took 15 lbs off of the weight that is attached to my splint.  This is a good sign.  Also, my leg has set perfectly according to x-rays.

The Red Cross has given me a tube of tooth paste today – I asked for it yesterday.  Now I can clean my teeth with all Red Cross utensils.

We’re going to have movies tonite.  I believe we have them every Tue and Fri nite.  I hope the screen will be at the other end of the room as I don’t care to see a movie thru a mirror unless I have to.

I finished “Paris Underground.”  Still have another book, a Reader’s Digest and a Coronet to go thru.  I could be working, reading or writing all day long but it gets too strenuous after long periods so I just lie back and take it easy.

It’s pretty hot here, even in bed, but not as bad as it would be if I were out in the sun.

That’s all for now,



Click above to see page 2 and the envelope . July 18th, 1944. then… CLICK HERE TO READ A TYPED VERSION with extra links!


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