“we’ll be privates together now sarge, huh?”

July 22 1944 pg 2 and envelope

Sat. July 22, 1944
Dear Folks,
Five letters today. One from Al Seltzer and a postcard from Ruth Baker included. Thank Aunt Min and Uncle Max for the card.
I’ll try to answer your questions, altho some must have been answered in previous letters. Of course I didn’t wear my glasses when I jumped. If I happened to be wearing them before time I would have taken them off anyway for fear of breaking them. There was no way I could have misjudged the distance as you couldn’t see what you were jumping into until you jumped. We were just told to run to the edge and jump out as far as possible. My leg is slung up in a large splint so that my heel is about 9 or 10″ above the bed. The weight is applied to keep the bone in place until it starts to heal – which it has. After weeks of being in traction, I’ll most probably get a cast, altho I’ve heard of some fellows who went directly to a leg brace. In any case I think I’ll be able then to get around somehow. The captain just said it takes 3 months to a year for the bone to heal properly. What a nice thought!
We enjoyed a cool spell for the past day and today. It’s quite different after 102º. I even wear a pajama top now.
About the attitude of the sergeant of the others. They were all very sympathetic and wanted to help me, even all the officers. In fact, the sarge was more worried than I was. Of course he was responsible and he was thinking of what was going to happen to him. I never found out. Altho at the time I said, “we’ll be privates together now sarge, huh?” The Lt. enjoyed that crack. I still wake up in the middle of the nite, it’s taking time to learn to sleep on my back.
That’s all now


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