No medical discharge business! Phone call from home and share the letters!

No medical discharge business!  Phone call from home and share the letters!

July 26 1944 pg 2 and envelope

Weds. July 26, 1944

Dear Mom and Paulie,

It was swell hearing your voices last night, even only for 3 minutes. Paulie sounds more grown up. Is it possible? Dad said something about a medical discharge. I couldn’t hear everything he said, but right now I say forget it. First of all, I don’t think that a broken leg, if it heals correctly, would rate a medical discharge. There is nothing else wrong with me and i could go thru training just as if nothing had happened. Of course I’ll stay off jumping. Secondly, I wouldn’t feel right if I did get one, and right now I don’t want one. The longer I stay in service, the longer the government will pay my tuition in school. That’s important and remember it! Also I want to go thru some sort of basic and see what the army’s like in peacetime. But of course, I want to come home as soon as possible, when the government says so legally. No medical discharge business.
I’m going to start reading “Lost Horizon,” I’ve read 2 regular and 2 small size books so far.
You’ve probably received a letter from a Sam somebody. He’s from the USO. here and he says that somebody from the Y told him to look me up.
They added some extra weight today in order to get my bone in a slightly better position. It’s sort of uncomfortable with another 10lbs but I’ll get used to it soon.
Please continue to write about Paulie’s sayings and doings. They’re so cute. I got nine letters today and I’m way back in my correspondence, so that’s all for now.

P.S. Thank Aunt Molly for her letter and tell her and Aunt Min that maybe they’d better consider all all mail for you, mail for them also, as it’s sort of hard to write to 3 families in the same building without saying the same stuff.


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