Strange Meat and Another Tribe of Ants!

Strange Meat and Another Tribe of Ants!

July 25 1944 pg 2 and envelope

Tues. July 25, 1944

Dear Mom,

Only one letter today – so far, there may be an afternoon mail. Mom, my leaving food is, for the most part, over now. I usually finish everything, except fat, and some peculiar varieties of foods that nobody eats. Every once in a while, the meat is strange – probably Texan horses, but we get enough of other stuff to make up for it. And anyway, how can I work up an appetite lying on my back?
Your coming out here sounds swell, but also a little risky I don’t know what the housing or room situ;ation is like in Temple, but the chances are it’s pretty full. So you’d better contact the Red cross and see what they can do. They probably can do something. Asmuch as I’d like to see Paulie, it would be better, I think if you left him behind. I’m afraid the train ride would be too long for him, especially if you use coaches. You can also use some money that I’ll send home. I can’t spend all my pay (and I don’t want to) so how do I go about sending some dough home. By the way, gnore the plea for money, as I signed the payroll yesterday and will be paid – as far as I know.
It’s still nice weather here – at least indoors – there has been a constant breeqe since yesterday, occasionally it becomes a little more than a breeze, too.
I had them put my cookies, etc away somewhere and will ask for them when I feel the urge. I collected another another tribe of ants last nite because of one open box.

That’s all,


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