Everybody gets a C in gym, unless he’s superman.

Everybody gets a C in gym, unless he's superman.

July 28 1944 pg 2 and back of envelope

Fri, July 28, 1944

Dear Folks,
The major said that the alignment of my bone is improved but I don’t know by how much.

Last nite I heard a symphony concert by the Houston Symphony Orc. over the P.A. system. They were playing from one of the auditoriums here. It was quite an organization. 43 pieces, of course the winter orchestra is much larger – 60 some. At times it sounded like a high school band and at other times it was pretty good. Often, the trumpet accompaniment was much louder than the violins carrying the tune. They seemed to play like Nonnie Lou reading each note and just playing it – no feeling, no nuttin. The announcer (who was probably announcing his first concert) kept referring to the conductor as maestro and to each selection as “the next number will be”, until he caught himself.


Thanks for the papers, but really it’s too much. One a day would be plenty. Today was the first day I received them. 3 Bulletins (July 22, 24, 25) and 2 Inquirers (July 25,26). Honest, How can I read so many papers? I still say one would do.
I’m afraid you’re a bit too optimistic when you say 3 more weeks in bed. It will probably be nearer to 6. Heck, the bone isn’t in perfect alignment yet. That times time. After that comes the cast, I guess. Then maybe a leg brace for a while. It’s impossible to say what branch of the service I’ll go back into. I hope it’s what I came from, but that’s up to the army.

Yes, I’m satisfied, plenty satisfied with my report card. I didn’t expect a B in Eng. Comp. I was very happily surprised and everybody gets a C in gym, unless he’s Superman. They he gets a B. So, I’m satisfied.

Red Cross is getting my belonging from Camp and bringing them here. Have all toilet articles, don’t need any more except I don’t have dental floss.

All I know is that the hospital is the largest in the country and don’t expect me to go riding a broncho, either. A boat ride sounds better.

That’s All,
Love Bru


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