Pens are hard to come by – Bruce asks for a “second hand” one to be sent from home!

July 29 1944 pg 2 and envelope


Sat. July 29, 1944

Dear Folks,

Got a 2 lb box of assorted candies, cookies, nuts, etc. (soft) from Aunt Gert and Uncle Bill. It’s a special service man’s gift. quite elegant! Also, the supply corporal from camp sent me a letter, enclosing $7 that he took from my wallet before he mailed all my belongings to the hospital. He said I’d probably need it and since maybe the other stuff could get lost he’ll mail it directly to me. I sent him a thank you letter.

Still no x-ray but the major sayas that my leg feels tighter. The nurse explained later that it is a good sign – bone is knitting. As for a diagnosis – it’s simple, complete fracture of the right femur (thigh bone) about 5 or 6 inches bove the knee.

Yesterday, I asked the Red Cross Org. Lady for a pencil explaining that I would like to do some drawing. It happened that she is somewhat of an artist and we got to talking. So, instead of just a pencil, I’ll probably get a few, plus a drawing tablet and an artgum eraser at least that’s what she wrote down.

Saw a very funny comedy-mystery film last nite. It was “Lady in the Case” (or something like that) with Edmund Lowe. I enjoyed it better than any other picture so far, see it if it happens to come around.
Got Wednesday’s Bulletin today.  No others and letters from Aunt Stel, Alice and from Don.

Could you mail me some old, second hand, beat up, fountain pen? I ‘d rather write my letters in ink. I can buy ink here.

That’s all

Love, Bru


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