When it’s finished it will be all little puff-balls of wool

When it's finished it will be all little puff-balls of wool

July 27 1944 pg 2 and envelope

July 27, 1944

Dear Mom,

I found out why they added more weight.  Before, the two ends of the bone were almost perfectly in line and they thought it was OK and reduced the weight.  But I guess the reduced weight wasn’t enough to hold the bone and they slipped out again.  So they added 10 more lbs. to get the ends in line and the major says it feels much better.  I don’t know if they’re back altogether as they haven’t taken an x-ray since yesterday, but at least it doesn’t hurt now as it did after the weight was increased.  I took a sleeping pill last nite, for the hell of it and the darn thing didn’t act much until this morning.  So, I’ve been sleeping all morning.

The rug or doily I’m making is taking final shape and looks pretty good.  When it’s finished it will be all little puff balls of wool.

I’m half way Thru “Lost Horizon.”  I’m finally reading it.  Are there any good books I should read?  The Red Cross will probably have them.

Why don’t (or didn’t) you take part in Peachie’s play.  You acted before, remember?

I knew from Marion’s letter that she and Marnie are coming to Texas but I didn’t know they’re joining the army.  Or did I misunderstand?  Are they are will they be army nurses.

Chow’s coming up now, so




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