20 cents a ride?! Highway robbery

20 cents a ride?!  Highway robbery


Fri Aug 4, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

Got plenty of mail including 2 letters from you and 5 newspapers all the way from Fri to Tue. I got a hair wash and shampoo in bed today. They put down rubber mats on the bed and covered them with a towel. Then I hung my head out over the bed as far as possible while the cadet nurse made like a beauty shoppe operator.
I’m not sending my money home at least until it’s needed there. I placed it, all but a few dollars, in the special Patients’ Fund they have here. I can withdraw it when I please. It’s safe there and maybe I can use it for furlough money (If I get a furlough). Don’t worry about me offering candy to other people. That’s the only way I can get rid of it before the ants attack.

Boy, 20 cents a ride for amusements. That’s just as bad as Willow Grove. Remember when the Jack Rabbit was only a dime. And, has Paulie been initiated into the honorable Society of Jack Rabbit Riders? If he hasn’t, I bet I know the reason, or reasons, why.
The boat model is finished and if I can find a suitable way for packing, I’ll mail it to Paulie. I’m going to make a belt for you (Mom) but I don’t know your size. I hope I can guess good enough. Maybe I’ll use a nurse as a model.
That’s all for now,


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