“Broken” – the layman’s fracture

Broken - a fracture for the layman


Wed. Aug 2, 1944
Dear Mom,

My bone is both broken and fractured or aything else you want to call it. Broken is just the layman’s way of saying fractured. Same thing – according to my nurse and she probably knows.

Yes, I remember seeing Marion Eisenberg on the Campus, but I never got around to speaking to her.

Got a box of tollhouse crumbs from Aunt Sara. They’re still good tho.
Mom, I just thought of something. If, after I’m out of traction and Mickey’s influence and a million other things work right, I can get transferred nearer home – Valley Forge or Fort Dix, etc., there would be no sense in you coming way out to Texas, even if the transfer comes a few months after you’re home. Because if I’m very close, I can weekend passes and people can drive out to see me. But right now, it’s all pipe dreams.

I was right. The fellow who accidentally shot himself in the leg while cleaning his rifle was put in the bed next to mine. So far, he seems like an ice guy from a small town in Indiana. Has a rural accent and has been very quiet and sleepy so far. Probably still doped up.
Boy, 242 sounds like Grand Central Station. Where can you put so many people? Is Paulie behaving any better? I hope so.
We saw the “Glass Key” last nite. It was another swell mystery. Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, and Brian Donlevy.
Finally I sent the rug and paper away on its long journey. I hope you like it.

Newspaper service is a mystery. Today I got Sunday’s and Monday’s Inquirer. No others. Some days I get just one, others two, and sometimes 5. I still think that 3 papers are too much. Can’t you cancel one or two.

The major just came in and fixed the splint in a different way and reduced the weight to 15 lbs. I just hope that they don’t have to put any weight back. He says the bone is in perfect alignment on e way and pretty good the other.

Well that’s all,


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