The only trouble is that I have a broken leg.

The only trouble is that I have a broken leg.


Tuesday, Aug. 1, 1944
Dear Mom,
Well, today I got my first army pay. All of $38.30 and that’s $3.30 more than my regular monthly pay. Reason – I got paid for the days I served in June and the month of July.
My good luck (?) is still with me. Yesterday we had another bingo game and I won a regular size but slightly cheaper edition (mass production economies, you know) of “Topper.”
I’m still waiting for that fellow who said he’d mail the rug and paper for me. I think he’ll take it to the Red Cross and they will have wrapping paper, etc.
The major came in and just squeezed, and pressed and pushed all over my leg. He’s getting rougher day by day. But as long as it doesn’t hurt, I don’t mind. I think I’ll have x-rays taken today or tomorrow.
Sam Lastner, the fellow that Gershtenson of the Y told to come, came again yesterday and brought a little game kit of the Jewish Welfare Board. It has a few simple paper games for two to play, so far I haven’t found anyone to play with.
I answered Selma’s letter yesterday or do you already know?
The moron who slept next to me went to another ward. I think the bed will be taken by a guy who shot himself in the foot last night. I’m not sure though.
New books this afternoon and movies tonite. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it. The only trouble is that I have a broken leg.
Mail just came . One letter from you and Sat. Inquirer. The paper service is not so hot. I haven’t received all 3 papers on one day yet.
My appetite is fine. As for menus – breakfast today was grapefruit, cold cereal, scrambled eggs and toast. Some times we have bacon or sausage. Lunch is the big meal of the day. Soup (if you want it), meat , vegetables, bread, salad, ice too, milk and dessert. Dinner, usually cold cuts, a salmon salad etc and dessert and milk. We have fruit juices and milk thruout the day. Satisfied?

Don’t send any models as I don’t know what to do with the one I’m making.
That’s all,
P.S. x-rays were taken.


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