Bruce shares some choice words about a fellow patient

Bruce shares some choice words about a fellow patient

Weds Aug 9

Dear Mom,

Got 2 letters today and 2 papers. Boy, it really sounds hot in Wildwood. Yesterday was a little cooler and today may be. This morning was , at least.

My new partner shot himself accidentally, very accidentally, in fact he didn’t know his rifle was loaded. His name is Amos and he comes from a farm in Indiana and talks like it.

Sam Lastner is about in his early 30s and has medical discharge. He’s a nice guy and looks Jewish.
Hey! I didn’t mean to sound discouraged when I said “The only trouble is I have a broken leg.” I was just stating a plain fact. I think a group of officers are coming around this afternoon to look at our x-rays. Usually from their discussions I can find out a lot about my condition.

Gee, now that Paulie has got wet all over, I bet you can’t keep him out (when the water is warm).

I wouldn’t worry yet about my coming out of traction. I’ve been in now 4 weeks and 1 day and according to average cases, am about half thru.

I wonder what’s keeping my pen? You’re certainly right about having to live with other kinds of people. There’s still one creature in this ward (he’s behind a partition so I can’t see him. Thank God!) that shouldn’t happen to a dog. The other morons appreciate him and go into hysterics at his jokes while I stay perfectly calm. I don’t think I’m losing my sense of humor but I just can’t laugh at his jokes. He uses the same one over and over again ever since I came here. Do there actually have to be such people to make up a world? I’ll soon find myself despising him.

That’s all for now,
Love, Bru


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