But I hope those 2 unknown starlets do show up!

But I hope those 2 unknown starlets do show up!


Mon Aug 7, 1944

Dear Mom,

New stationary, huh? But you can get twice as much on the typewriter paper.

So Selma thought my letter was adorable, sweet. That’s funny, I didn’t mean to be adorable, I was just in a good mood when I wrote it. I wonder what would come out if I tried to write a sweet letter. Maybe I’ll try it some day on some poor unsuspecting person.

We’re all dressed up in our Sunday best awaiting the arrival of the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps who’s supposed to visit the wards today. All morning the nurses, ward boys, and civilians who work here were cleaning, sweeping, straightening sheets, emptying ash trays, etc. I bet she won’t even show up. But I hope those 2 unknown starlets do show up. Today is the last that they will be around and we could use something in that line to pass the time.

If I stay here long enough I imagine I’ll become some sort of expert on modern music (both swing and sweet). You see, every day we have 1 ¼ hrs of luncheon music (records) and by constant repetition I’m slowly learning lyrics, (I know most of the tunes) and to be able to recognize each orchestra leader’s arrangement of a song. We also have many musical programs at nite to help out.

It’s really hot and I doubt if there’s any relief in sight. It’s been around 100˚ for a long time. Hit at least 103˚ once.

I’m looking forward to using my pen. I just finished reading “Margin For Error” and have “Awake and Sing,” “No Time For Comedy,” and “Street Scene” to read yet.

Well that’s all,
Love, Bru
P.S. The chief Nurse a full colonel (an old hen) breezed in and breezed right out again, followed by 2 Lt. Cols (nurses). She asked all how we felt today. Ans: “Fine”
P.P.S I made the belt but I don’t know your size yet. Please tell me so I can finish it.


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