Can’t anybody take a hint?!

Can't anybody take a hint?!


Sun Aug.6, 1944

Dear Folks,

It’s strange that the mail delivery from me to you is so spotty. Only once have your letters missed a day.
Did you enter Paulie in the Baby Parade or isn’t he considered a baby anymore. (Tell him a band is playing El Capitan over the loudspeaker – transcription of course)
Hey, I’m more than 1800 miles away. Once I figured (roughly) that it was about 2100 miles. Try it out on a map.
Haven’t any of my letters reached you? All along I’ve been saying I don’t want any more candy and stuff and here you ask me what kind of candy I’d like because Aunt Min wants to send some. I appreciate her wanting to send something but can’t anybody take a hint?
I’m sleeping better now altho I still wake up at least once a nite, but I fall back to sleep pretty soon. I sleep best in the morning usually both before and after we’re supposed to get up.
I still waiting for the OT man to come back and show me how to make your belt. He started it and it looks swell. It’s a blue and white summer belt made of a kind of plastic lacing.
I’m almost finished with Topper. I’m disappointed with it. It’s funny in spots all right but there’s too much of a philosophical treatise in it for a comedy. I brought a bottle of ink and am still waiting for the pen. Yes, I got the $2.00. Thanks!
No change in the leg, it hasn’t been bothering me so I guess it’s ok.
Well, that’s all
Ps – no papers today


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