Bruce answers some questions and wrestles with dental floss

Bruce answers some questions and wrestles with dental floss


Sun Aug. 13, 1944

Dear Folks,

Glad you like the rug. I was beginning to think it would never arrive. The belt’s on its way.

About that Bob Golden mystery. Well, last nite I listened closely and the fellow must have changed his name because it sounded like Bob Nolan. I guess that’s what it was all the time.

Our ward is a large room divided into 2 sections by a partition. 4 beds in one section and 8 in the other. I’m in the larger one. Yes, the walking patients come into our ward for all entertainment. No, I haven’t got my G.I. glasses yet. I got hurt too soon, but probably I can get them right here. They have just about everything. So, I’m still using my own pair.

I don’t need any books as I’m always under a flood of them and lay off the refreshments for a while. Wait until it gets a little cooler. My mistake! I found your picture in a letter in my furlough bag, so you don’t have to send another one. I have the family complete now.

The Red Cross Lady said that the store was out of the drawing tablets but she will try again (with my dollar). Don’t send pastels, they are in small enough pieces now! I believe that fall comes later down here altho the last two days have been cooler with a nice breeze blowing.

That dental floss is tricky stuff. I can get in between the front teeth but what do you do about the ones in the back? No matter how hard I try, I can’t get back there. At times I look like a contortionist. Once I couldn’t get the darn stuff out of my front teeth for about 4 minutes.

Sundays are awfully boring and for that matter so are all days except Tue and Fri. But there is usually enough to keep me busy.
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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