Bruce makes a hometown connection and we find out more about his “moron” bed neighbor


Monday, August 14, 1944

Dear Folks,
We had the USO entertainers this morning. The accordion player noticed the Phila. Papers on my bed and asked if (I) came from there. I said yes and he said that he did too. When I told him I came from 22nd and Pine he said that knew the neighborhood well. He then asked me if I knew Meyer Davis because he (Meyer Davis) was his boss. Then I got the bright idea of asking him if he knew Dad because they both worked for the same man and he said, “I know him very well.” His name is Heinz Zimmermann and is known as Henry Zimmer. He said he’ll drop Dad a line about meeting me. Small world, eh?

I got a letter and a box full of “New Yorkers” from Et and Mick, Also a letter from Edwin Gessel.

The O.T. man brought the leather and lacing for my coin purse. It cost 35¢. I’m going to try to put my initials and maybe a design on it.

Thanks for the offer of books, but I have more than I can use now, and there is one moron (the one I spoke about before) who grabs handfuls of candy when it’s passed around and thinks it’s funny. I’d rather not have any than have it wasted that way. Especially when he talks about the Damn Jews!

Have you made any new pictures yet? I’d like to have some.
The key to the linen closet was broken somehow in the Lock and we’re still waiting for clean sheets and pillow cases since morning. Of course it really means nothing, as back at camp we used the same ones for a week, and here they change every day.
That’s all for now,
Love, Bru

P.S. today was the first that I got all 3 papers. I got 7 all together.

(forwarded by Mom to Dad)
Thought you’d like to read this. Dot came down to-night and will stay until Sunday. She came to cool off. Try to come down Monday night.


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