Bruce starts a one-man band and gets clipped for 65 cents

Bruce starts a one-man band and gets clipped for 65 cents


Fri Aug 11, 1944 (One month today in traction)

Dear Folks,

Well I cleared up one mystery. The candy came from Aunt Hattie who also sent me an overseas edition of the Bulletin today. I found a small card hidden in the peanut crunch, which by the way is practically all gone already.

Cut out the Record next month and the Bulletin too if you want but keep at least the Inquirer coming.

HA! Am I hearing from Betty Forman? I’ve only gotten one letter (forwarded from Hood) and a get well card, and I’ve written to her four times, too. Yesterday, I wrote to her bawling her out for the lousy service. I should (I hope) get a letter soon.

I’ve been talking to one fellow about getting transferred and he says that only men from overseas can be transferred nearer home because he tried. At least, probably that’s the policy and I doubt if they break it often. But one can never tell can one?

The major just says that the bone is in good alignment, nuttin else. I know I can’t read x-rays but I took a look at my latest ones and I’ll be dammed if I would consider it good. To me, it still looks very broken, but everybody says “Do you know what you’re reading?” or “What do you know about it?” so I believe in what the major says. I have to (He’s a major, I’m a private). But it looks much better than when I broke it and the nurse says that the major is one of the best orthopedic surgeons. At least it doesn’t give me any trouble. In fact, if I get interested in something, I forget entirely where I am. Once I started to roll over until I was pulled back by the contrption, very surprised.

I got a haircut in bed yesterday. A civilian barber (butcher) came around and clipped us for 65cents (Joke – clipped – hair, money, too much – HAHAHAHAH). I think he forgot to take some off the back of my head because it still feels thick. He wrapped me up in those striped sheets that barbers use until I looked and felt like Omar the Tent Maker.

I’m starting my one man band with the two metal hand grasps that are suspended over me so I can sit up. They are about ½ tone different in sound and by hitting them with a pencil and filling in all the other notes by whistling I play a song. I have a repertoire of about 4 songs now. Whenever possible I use a glass of water for a third key. (noise)

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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