Maybe you won’t have to come to Texas

Maybe you won't have to come to Texas



Sun. Aug. 13?, 1944

I had a more detailed talk with the major about the transfer and it sounds good. He even went as far as to mention a certain form to fill out and ask me what hospital I’d like to go to. But it’s all according as to whether there is any room in a hospital close to home. They may be all filled but I think there are enough of them in the Phila. vicinity to provide one bed. Of course, he said that I’ll have to come out of traction and be in a cast or brace depending upon what I’m going into. But that’s the first definite things I’ve ever heard the major say and I hope he keeps his word. Maybe you won’t have to come to Texas.

Again no mail, no papers, no nuttin but because it is Sunday, it isn’t so bad. I mean one doesn’t usually get mail on Sunday. Has the picture come yet?

Yesterday I made my first pastel drawing and now I don’t know where to put it. My total sum in savings is $72.00. Sounds like a lot to me. By next month I’ll have over $100. You’ll probably get my next $10 war bond soon. I pay $7.50 each month for a $10 bond. They’re special service men’s bonds. That plus the $6.40 for insurance and $1.50 for laundry (which they haven’t taken out while I’m in the hospital) is the reasons I got $36.10 instead of $50.00. But I’m not complaining.

I had little Larry on my bed yesterday and was drawing pictures for him. The same kinds as Paulie used to want – cars, trucks, and trains, etc.

Yep I can lift my leg up (the whole splint I mean) with out hurting again.

The weather is really nice, sunny not too hot and a nice breeze. Maybe the rain did make my leg hurt. Oh well, That’s all


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