Tell Snookie it isn’t so funny to get shot in the rear end.

Tell Snookie it isn't so funny to get shot in the rear end.


Thurs Aug. 10, 1944

Dear Mom,

Obviously, the pen arrived today. Plus a roll of dental floss. Also a large box from Lit Bros (I think) with a can of peanut crunch and a box of Wilbur buds inside. I’m assuming they came from Dad as it was an anonymous gift. At least I couldn’t find a card inside.

I’m going to be a celebrity this afternoon. A picture is going to be taken of a nurse changing my dressing. The picture is for an article that’s to be written for a national nurses magazine. I’ll try to get the exact name and date of issue when it’s published. I need a haircut and shave tho, probably look like a caveman.

Thanks for your size. I finished the belt this morning. I put a buckle on it, but it could have been finished by making 2 loops and trying with the end of the cord braided. Then the braided end that remains falls down and dangles. When you get the belt and like this idea better, let me know and I’ll make another one. Are there any 2 colors you’d like especially? Oh yes, has the rug and paper arrived?

Tell Snookie it isn’t so funny to get shot in the rear end. How could you sit down?

Nothing else,

P.S. The picture was tooked. I shaved before it was snapped.

P.P.S. We had a short film shown by Chesterfields and we were each given a pack of cigarettes. A few fellows smiled at me when I accepted my pack. Don’t worry. I’ll give them away.


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