Bruce is a celebrity, but his face looks fat

aug 16 1944 p1Bruce is a celebrity, but his face looks fat

Wednesday, August 16, 1944

Yesterday we had a few quiz games and I won a sewing kit complete with pins, needles, buttons and thread. But what can I use it for here? Finally, I saw “Casablanca” for the first time last nite. Very good! I started the lacing on my coin purse and got mixed up in a few minutes. Having been straightened out I went ahead fine until something looked wrong. This mistake was taken care of and away I went lacing like mad until the lacing broke. That was just fixed and I’m ready to get started again. It’s almost finished tho. Has the belt arrived yet?

Paulie’s vocabulary must have increased by leaps and bounds according to your letters.

Today I saw the picture of the cadet nurse and me. I think I look fatter in the face or something. Maybe it’s because I needed a haircut. The nurse who wrote the article says she’ll try to get me a print so I can send it home. Also she said it may be published in a newspaper besides the magazine. They have my name and address so I’m really a celebrity. I just hope the picture’s printed. It shows my apparatus very clearly, all the pipes, ropes and cans (weights).

It’s still cooler than before, and the wind is still blowing.
I’m stuck again, so I’ll stop now.


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