He’s just a little cherub to me.

He's just a little cherub to me.

aug 17 1944 p2

Thursday, August 17, 1944

Dear Mom,

My coin purse is finally all laced and I’m waiting to have it sent to the O.T. shop for a snap. It may not be too much on looks, but at least it will hold loose change.

The novelty of my being in the hospital has probably worn off now as the only mail I’ve been receiving for the past few days is from you. Don writes often, whenever he gets a chance.

Chow now. . . . .Phew, that’s over. I have plenty of appetite but they give plenty of food, too much today. Of course, maybe that apple I ate this morning had something to do with it.

The “Record” is really on the ball. Today (Thur) I got last Saturday’s paper. The Bulletin is better, Monday’s paper, but the Inquirer is usually the best coming in twos, the latest only 2 days late. It’s no good to read news almost a week late so I only spend a few minutes on the Record’s jokes. So cut it out! I don’t like the paper much anyway. They wrap it in paper in some screwball way so you can’t just slip the cover off, but have to tear it off. The cover comes off the Bulletin very easily and the Inquirer has no cover at all simplifying matters considerably.

I have to laugh at Paulie’s antics good or bad. I know I’d get mad at him if I were there, but right now I can’t even think of him doing anything bad. He’s just a little cherub to me. I hope I’m not too far wrong. I don’t think so.

Nothing new on the leg. The major did say tho, that he thinks the bones are now in better alignment than what shows on the last x-ray. “But,” he continued, “If they’re not, it’s still good.”
My picture may be in a Houston newspaper but I don’t know when and if I can get it. However, I will eventually get a print to send home.

Last nite some of the boys, uh men, uh fellows, um morons, yes morons, had a little party with quarts of booze that somebody bought for them. they were noisy as hell, yelling cursing and raising cain, but I slept thru most of it, except the very end. I probably owe it to 2 aspirins I took for a headache before the fun started.

So, that’s all
Love, Bru


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