I didn’t know bones are organized into labor parties!

I didn't know bones are organized into labor parties!

aug 18 1944 p2

Friday, August 18, 1944
Dear Mom,

Hutchison’s(the fellow next to me) wife came down for a visit with their 3 year old, curly blond headed little boy. In fact when I first saw him, my heart skipped a beat, he looked so much like Paulie. They were only here for an hour last nite, but in that short time he did so many things that Paul used to do that it brought home that much closer. I showed him the boat model and he just adored it, so I’ll make something for him. He chews gum like Snookie and talks pretty good. But he’s tiny. This will probably start Dad talking again about taking Paul here if you happen to come. He seems to have no ill effects from the train ride but remember Indiana is closer to Texas than Penna. I’ll find out all I can about apartments etc. and how Mrs. Hutchison went about getting here in case you do come.

I still haven’t received anything from Betty but got another letter from Tobie today.

Please pass the word around that I don’t want any more candy etc. for a while at least until I say so.

The Kentucky Hill-Billy came in last nite stewed to the gills again. He’s now sleeping it off. I don’t think he’ll last long here.

I don’t think I can get brown and green so how about a brown or a brown and white belt. Tell me if you want a buckle or if you’d like to tie it like a sash or something.
That’s all,
Love, Bru

Hope we have a good movie tonite. The major said that there is a union between the ends of my bone. Can you imagine that? I didn’t know bones are organized into labor parties.


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