Lots of crafting – and Paulie cheats at quoits

Lots of crafting - and Paulie cheats at quoits

aug 19 1944 p2


Saturday, August 19, 1944

Dear Folks,

I’m glad you like the belt. After a morning of fooling around trying to start another one I finally got a brown belt started. It’s the same weave but all brown. I’ll try to make the dangling end affair. Besides the belt I also got a big boat model yesterday. It’s a clipper ship (like the one on the big book case) but smaller. It has a “victory construction” hull made of 2 balsa wood end blocks and paper planking instead of a solid wood hull. I don’t know if it’s possible to make it in bed, but I’ll soon find out.

Finally and about time I got a letter from Betty. She’s sorry, of course, but it happened that they moved and there was so much work that she didn’t even inform her father, who eventually called up and bawled her out. She said she’ll answer all my mail within 2 days. That’s fine with me.

After 60 (or 90) days in the hospital patients are reassigned, so for simplicity’s sake I guess I’m no longer in the TD’s. But I can be assigned back into them, or anything else the army wants to assign me.

One of the patients (a sergeant) told me that he has his name on the front and serial no. on the back of his identification bracelet. Another fellow has his name and no. on the front. I guess either is alright. Don’t put Pvt. (I may be a Pfc in a few years, you know) and David Bruce Hirshorn would probably be the best, also 33950171.

I see Paulie takes after me, not Dad, in one respect. He does things the easy way. (The quoit episode). The coin purse came back with a snap on it so it’s now full of change. Did you think I made it for you? If you’d like one, I’ll try to make another. Any special designs and initials or both?

[ pictures describing the design of the coin purse.]
This is a rough idea of how it looks.

That’s all, Love, Bru


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