News of a Wildwood Fire and Bruce struggles to spell “nuisance”


Tuesday, August 15, 1944

Dear Mom,

Today is my 5th (weekly) anniversary in traction. If everything goes right, I may be out in a few weeks.

I mutilated my leather for the coin purse into an eagle for the outside and an old English B on the inside or reasonable facsimile thereof. Now all I have to do is make it.

This afternoon (What’s wrong with me, that’s my 4th mistake already) we get new books, are supposed to sign the pay-roll, and the Red Cross Recreational worker said she’d bring a game for us. Of course, movies tonite.

I read your letter and the newspaper article on the Wildwood fire. They both came today. Boy, soon there won’t be any (No. 5) Wildwood left. That place can’t afford to lose blocks at a time. Well, at least people won’t get indigestion in Mary Bradford’s any more. What does it look like now? & what does Snookie think about it. Any momentous decisions?

There is a stiff breeze blowing which is of course a relief from the heat but is also a big nuicance,(that’s wrong isn’t it?) well how about noocance, no?, newcance, which? Nucance? Oh nuts, you know what I mean.

Gee, how can you always write so much? I bat my brains out to get this far. Well maybe it’s because there is comparatively nothing too important happening here, with exceptions of course.
So, nothing else
Love, Bru

P.S. Please tell Dad to save all important headlines. Just the 1st page or two not the whole paper.


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