I guess they will all have to be masterpieces

aug 25 1944 p2

Fri Aug. 25, 1944

Dear Mom,

For the first time, our entertainers didn’t show up. I didn’t hear them thru the hospital so maybe they were not even in the hospital let alone our ward.

A bunch of officers came around this morning looking at x-rays and hearing a diagnoses by the major on each case. My pictures weren’t here as the last x-ray hasn’t been returned, so the x-ray dept keeps all, I guess.  Major still said what he’s been saying for the past few days. Nothing new.

My seaman friend and I started our work on the ship model. It’s really quite tricky and awkward to work in traction. He can get around as his break is below the knee so he wears a cast. I’ve been talking to a few soldiers who’ve been in Phila. One of them was at Valley Forget Gen Hosp. He said that it’s only a 45 minute ride to town and he had weekends off. Boy! That sounds marvelous. All of them like Phila and say they were treated swell there.

No mail from you today, but I got a letter from Syl.

Well, I couldn’t get a drawing tablet so I had on e of the civilians get me a blank tablet at the PX.  It’s 15 linen sheets; quite the stuff for my scratchings.  So I guess they will all have to be masterpieces.

We have a “good” music program 4 times a week for 1/2 hr.  Sometimes it is good music (symphonies, etc) and sometimes music from musical comedies.  Of course a whole symphony can’t be played in 1/2 h, so suddenly the music stops and a voice says, “I’m sorry that’s all the time we have.”  There is a gnashing of teeth (inaudible to everyone else except me) as a favorite theme is rudely interrupted but what can one do?

That’s all for now





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