Ice Cream Shortage and Traction Joke

Ice Cream Shortage and Traction Joke

aug 24 1944 pg 2

Thur Aug 24, 1944

Dear Mom,

Today, besides your letter, I got a V-mail from Non and salt water taffy from Aunt Stel. I’ll answer both as soon as possible.

I’ve found condensed versions of “A Bell for Adono,” and “A Tree grows in Brooklyn” in some magazines I have. These plus the regular edition of “Hotel Berlin 43” are a good start on your recommended books.

Is there really an ice cream shortage or is it just for chocolate marshmallow. We have ice cream for dessert a few times a week and plenty of fruit juices, especially pineapple, during the day. I’m not sure, but isn’t pineapple juice hard to get these days?

I’m sorry I mislead you about the fellows in this ward. Only 2 or 3 are the kind I wrote about. The rest are all right. Hutchinson and I are very friendly and I get along with the rest. But just two morons can change everything.

The major went to town this morning. He slid the splint into a different position and moved the traction rope over one notch. Now, my leg is in front of me instead of on one side, but it doesn’t feel any different. I believe I’ll have 2 more x-rays today or tomorrow. I haven’t seen my new friends lately as they are in private rooms down the hall, not in the ward.

Little Larry and I are great friends, too. We play together, as best as possible, during visiting hours.

Those USO people better come today, as this is the last day they will be here.

Traction joke-
Friend to me: “How about coming to the movies tonight?”
Me: “Why no, I’ll be tied up tonight.”

Oh Well, that’s all,
Love Bru

P.S. When are you leaving Wildwood?


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