Gee, you could fall right out of those ‘toonerville’ affairs.

Gee, you could fall right out of those 'toonerville' affairs.

aug 26 1944 p2

Sat. Aug 26, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Puleeze!!!! Holy cow! how many times do I have to say, “Stop sending so much stuff!” Of course I appreciate it and it’s swell of you, but I have NO ROOM. I have boxes under my bed, on the pipes, and on 2 bedside tables. Besides Dad’s candy, cookies, and books, I got stationary (Did it come from Uncle Phil because I have no room for any more) and map I got a box of chocolates from Uncle Ben and Aunt Lottie. See what I mean?

One of the nurses said that they do a lot of transferring and have done some to Valley Forge. If somebody could work on it, and I’ll do my best here when I’m out of traction, it would be better than for you to come all the way here. Mrs. Hutchinson said she asked a taxi driver if he knew of any rooms when she arrived and he did. At first she was in town but the next day, after inquiring I guess, she found a room right near the hospital. I can get the landlady’s name and address if you want to write, and of course the Red Cross can do something. The Red Cross also has some special accommodations for service men’s relations for 3 days but no children are allowed.

That cadet nurse who is getting my picture hasn’t been back from her leave yet, so I don’t know when I’ll get it. Speaking of pictures, we saw “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” last nite. Don Ameche and Mary Martin. It was an amusing film but one that you’ve probably seen a dozen times before.

Yes, I got all the other candy that was sent to me. Only one letter today and none yesterday. Were Paul and Dad shaken up in the trolley, motorcycle crash. Gee, you could fall right out of those ‘toonerville‘ affairs.
How about the pictures.

That’s all,


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