Bruce has a way with the ladies

Bruce has a way with the ladies

aug 30 1944 p2

Wednesday, August 30, 1944

Dear Mom,

I got the picture yesterday and was lucky as I got an enlargement. As soon as I can get some wrapping paper (I have cardboard) I’ll mail it to you. There’s some writing on the back, so look there, too.

We’re trying to figure out the best way of finished the belt with the ‘dangles.’ It doesn’t look so hot but maybe I can fix it up a little better.

Starting yesterday a few of us are getting exercises in bed. A former gym teacher comes around and holds our arms, legs, and head while we push against him forwards, backwards, up, down and every which way. Boy I really sweated but it’s fun. It’s a good idea too, to get us back into shape when we use a wheelchair or crutches. You can sure lose muscles after lying in bed.

Olsen (O.T.) came around and I think he can get me some pastels here. As yet I haven’t used my linen writing paper to draw on, in fact I haven’t drawn anything yet.

It’s still raining and is very dreary both inside and outside-They say that this type of weather lasts for weeks in Texas. But we may be lucky and have a few sunny days in between the rain. Oh well, we don’t sweat anymore.

Betty hasn’t answered in the time I figured it would take so I bawled her out again. I hope it gets results.

Leg is just the same. I asked how my last x-rays were and were told, “Good.” So I said, “Good enough to get (out) of this?” Answer- “Oh No, it takes a long time.” Oh well.

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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