How to get stuff done while in traction

How to get stuff done while in traction

aug 27 1944 pg 2

Sunday, August 27, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

3 letters from you today and a card from the
Tourers. Please thank them. I already wrote to big Bruce. It isn’t hard to make things in bed but it does get tiresome pretty quickly. I can sit up, almost, and rest on one elbow leaving that hand and my whole other arm free to work with. But the arm I lean on gets sore soon. Or, I can lie back and hold whatever I’m working on up in front of me. In any case, it takes time but it usually gets done.

After you move upstairs you can get a pass to go into town. The fellows who are able usually get one or two a week or sometimes more.

It will be swell having Marian and Marnie come and visit me. I wonder how long they’ll stay.

I saw “Bathing Beauty” at New Cumberland. Was there a very funny Goofy cartoon, “How to play Football” with the show?

The belts cost 25¢ and coin purses 35¢ and everthing else so far was free. OK I’ll get you a coin purse soon. GLH Huh. [Gertrude Lane Hirshorn]

We joke around with the cadet nurses as they are just cadets. They’re still students and not in the army. We’re not so formal with the army nurses either. Especially the morons who are not formal with any body.

Last night it rained until early morning and got cold. It’s still cloudy and looks like more rain. At least it’s cool but very dreary. I notice you’ve stopped using that ‘orribly hexpensive air mail. The mail now takes 3 days. Does mine take the same?

I hear I’m going to get another shampoo tomorrow. Oh well I have nothing else to do, soooo

That’s all
Love, Bru


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