Rent a room for $6 a WEEK!

Rent a room for $6 a WEEK!

aug 29 1944 pg 2

Tuesday, August 29, 1944(seven weeks in traction)

Dear Mom,

No mail whatsoever and only one paper today. They finally got the splint level but my leg still aches a little whenever I move. This makes me so mad and disgusted because I had no trouble at all for 5 weeks then when I think I’ll come out in a few weeks-bang! Maybe it isn’t bad at all and is the cause of the lousy weather we’re having because the major moved my whole leg without any pain. Also all the fellows say that their bones ache in bad weather too. So I just pray for the sun.

As I’m writing this they’re putting a new patient in traction right across the aisle from me. He broke his arm when he fell out of bed. (Top-bunk). He’s been here and walking around for 3 days already and now they are just getting down to business. They had to wait until the swelling went down, I believe.
I started Hotel Berlin 43 and so far it’s very good. A few of the fellows from upstairs (those who can walk pretty good) are getting 21 day convalescent furloughs. One lives in New York and another in Atlantic City so distance doesn’t mean anything. I mean they couldn’t say no to me because Phila is too far for a convalescent to travel- or could they? Have you got any reports from the Red Cross about me and if so what do they say? Does Mickey also get reports on my condition?

I won’t get any new books today as I still have 2 to read. If you can come down here about when will it be? Mrs. Hutchison has a room for $6 weekly and I think she can cook in it but food cost a lot. You can buy food here at the hospital, I think much cheaper than in town. I believe it’s a privilege reserved for service men’s relations. I’ll find out more.
Love, Bru


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