Two family friends are killed in Europe and Paul is growing up

Two family friends are killed in Europe and Paul is growing up

sept 1 1944-2

Fri Sept 1, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snookie,

Two letters today. The mail delivery is crazy – one letter, no letter, 2 letters, one letter, 2 letters, – it’s just a vicious cycle. The pictures arrived today and they’re swell. But I honestly didn’t recognize Paul at first. He seems so different, so big, so grown up – like a 6 or 8 yr older. Maybe the haircut has something to do with it. Oh yes, tell Herb Kramer, if he’s still there, that his models are really good. Like the ones you see in model shop windows. They were a P-47 and a FW-190 weren’t they?

I was awfully sorry to hear about Tom Rosenfeld’s son. That reminds me, Wally Epstein (remember him from camp and from around Aunt Dot’s) was also killed in France. I came across his name while reading the casualty reports in the paper. The strange thing about it, is that he was hit on June 22, the day I entered the Army. Quite a ghostly coincidence!

Well, I’m $36.10 richer. My mistake, $35.10 because I donated $1.00 to a special fund. A master-sergeant upstairs had his watch and wallet containing about $136 stolen last nite, so a few of the fellows are collecting from the rest of us. The majority gave $1, so I did, too.

My seaman friend was moved into the ward today and we spent all morning talking about ships.

I just got the picture off. Yesterday 3 people promised to mail it but did they?

I hate to admit it, but I sneezed a few times, not many mind you, just a few ties. My nose is not clogged at all and the only time I sneeze is one 3 second burst at night. It’s probably a Texas evening sniffle. What I’m driving at is, that maybe Texas has some golden rod but, pshaw, everybody knows I DON’T have hay fever! It’s probably better air than Phila. Anyway.

Bob Hope’s book is so funny that I am continually laughing out loud and everybody looks at me. Movies tonite. On Tue night somebody got his signals crossed and we saw a picture that we had seen 6 weeks ago. Such inefficiency!

That’s all,


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