Worlds collide and Bruce can’t do a thing with his hair!

Worlds collide and Bruce can't do a thing with his hair!

aug 28 1944 pg 2

aug 28 1944 p3

Monday, August 28, 1944

Dear Mom,

Still a very dreary day. I’m using my bed lamp because there is absolutely no sun. The rain just started pouring and the windows had to be closed. I got my shampoo alright. She not only washed my head, but my pillow, sheets and even the mattress cover were wet. So I got clean sheets for the second time today. At least no soap got in my eyes. But I can’t do a thing with my hair!

The major and the ward boys did me up good again this morning. They removed a weight that hung in back of me and added some more to the ropes holding the splint. None of this has anything to do with my traction weight. The reason for these changes were to balance my splint better because it was slipping and sliding a lot for the past few days. This constant banging and the rainy weather combination made my leg hurt more than it has for the past month. It isn’t bad but I feel it every time I move. I imagine my leg will ache a little every time it rains just like an old man with rheumatism. Thank God it isn’t the bones slipping for the major said that my last x-ray showed union and good alignment. The last x-ray I saw was(not the very latest) was something like this[hand sketches of top view and side view showing bones meeting but a little off center] and that is considered not bad. When I first came in it was like this [sketch of bones overlapping with a 2” overlap]. Now you can see why I needed 40 lbs traction. But it is probably much better now than I show above. It’s been so cool that one nurse fixed up a cover for splint and leg. Now the whole thing is covered and only the brace and ropes are in the cold, cold air.

Olsen, our O.T. man, came around this morning with 2 women. I had told him about Marian and Marnie and he had told them. One of them knew who they were when she heard their names, at least she knew where they were going. She then said that she was in Phila studying O.T. and had lived near the school during one week in the summer of ’42. We then compared notes and sho’nuff, she lived in our back room. Her name is Jane Myers or Meyers and she remembered a little boy and another boy who was away. (Dat’s me). Everything check as we went over the 3rd floor. Do you remember her?

I just had a little talk with a new friend who I just met. He’s Jewish and comes from Phila. He’s about 26 or so but seems like a very nice guy.

Tell Paulie he’s a very good boy when he keeps his promise. I’ll save his letter. Did you guide his hand? I expect so. He isn’t that much of a genius. But you never can tell what 2 months can do.
Well, that’s all
Love, Bru


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