Bruce gets a little tipsy from his medicine – and plays the Ocarina!

Bruce gets a little tipsy from his medicine - and plays the Ocarina!

sept 5 1944 1~20001

sept 5 1944 3

Tue. Sept. 5, 1944

Dear Mom,

Boy, the major grabbed my ankle and lifted my whole leg up a few inches and said, “Does it hurt?”
“No, Sir”
“Doing Alright”

Today is my 8th anniversary in traction. The way I feel and the way the major talks makes me think I’ll come out soon. Then maybe the transfer…?

You are not privileged to take meals at the hospital (you can eat a light supper at the PX tho) But what I meant was you are privileged to get a food card and buy all your food at the hospital commissary for prices way below those in town. Visiting hours are 2:4 and 6:8 but after I can get around it’s possible to meet you 1 hr earlier out of the ward down at the Red Cross. But maybe you’ll never have to see McCloskey.

We had a few bingo games yesterday and I won an ocarina complete with music and instructions, 2 murder mystery books, and a package of double edged razors blades, that I gave to Hutch since I can’t use them. All day yesterday I drove the ward crazy learning to play my new instrument and now I can really play it. Sharps, flats, and everything. My repertoire is limited now but is growing steadily.

I got 2 pills and nose drops yesterday and that really knocked what I had out of me. I happened to cough once, the murse heard it, called the captain who thumped my chest and told me wear a pajama top. She came back with 2 more pills, nose drops and some colorless medicine in a small glass. I thought it was mineral oil and took it down at a gulp. WOW! I practically jumped out of traction and if the nurse didn’t stop me could have taken my whole glass of water down in one more gulp. It was some sort of combination whiskey and sweet medicine but i could feel it burn its way down my gullet. I’m looking forward to my next swig. Everybody laughed especially the ones who drink. That little matter has finally come to a head after a party ruined a private room. 4 of them (3 from upstairs and one from our ward) are confined to their beds with the threat of court martial hanging over their heads. We hope that will fix things up.

Oh Mom, I hope you won’t mind too much but after much scientific research into the deep and profound matter of making the “dangles,” the nurse and I agreed that we didn’t know how to do it, it wasn’t practical and we didn’t want to ruin the belt. So you’ll get it with a buckle complete with hot and cold running coing purse a la mode (Do you smell something burning?) Shall we dance?

I’m ready for new books today and will probably get “An Exhaustive Comprehensive Treatise on the Fundamentals of Elementary and Advanced Ocarina Playing” or “You and the Sweet Potato” That drink must be working on me.

That’s enough raving for now.

PS – Hutch just told me that his wife eats supper at the Red Cross here. She leaves the ward at 4 eats (I Woops my mistake! No she doesn’t. What i said before was correct. Whew!


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