The Texas sky is always filled with enormous clouds

The Texas sky is always filled with enormous clouds

sept 2 19440001

Sat. Sept 2 1944
Dear Folks,

We had a surprise visit by some hill-billy entertainers (?). They were all dressed up in cowboy clothes, 2 men and 2 girls, and sang a few songs and told a few jokes. Some of that western and hillbilly music – well it just has no description. But we all enjoyed it.

The name of the magazine is, I think, “American Journal of Nursing” but I don’t know publishers or date since it hasn’t been printed yet. In fact, I don’t even think the article has been written. But the picture is well on its way now.

I asked the major yesterday if I would be transferred when I’m out of traction and he smiled and said, “Yeah?” I don’t know if he meant yes or no, so I’ll try again. His name is Major Renshaw (I think that’s correct spelling)

If the Red Cross worker comes around in the near future, I’ll put about $30 in the Patient’s Fund. That and the $42 I have in there makes a nice sum. Could you use any of it? Just say so and I’ll send it to you by money order. Is that correct?

Thanks for the other 2 pictures. Now, I guess, Paulie looks like Paulie. The rain has stopped, and it’s now cool and sunny at times. The Texas sky is always filled with enormous clouds that just hang motionless up there.

The major pulled my leg today and nothing snapped and he said, “Pretty good.” Yes, it’s really solid! I’m practically back to normal movements now. I mean I can scoot around as much as I used to.

I got the set of pastels but I don’t know what to draw. What a problem!

That’s all for now,


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