Bruce sees a cotton plant and manages to sit up in traction

Bruce sees a cotton plant and manages to sit up in traction

sept 7 19440001

Thur. Sept 7 , 1944

Dear Mom,

One of the civilians brought in a cotton plant for the benefit of us poor Northerners who had never seen one. It’s about 2 1/2 ft. tall, with green leaves and little balls of cotton scattered thru it. We have it in a bucket of water right in the middle of the ward.

Wonder of wonders! I can finally, after a week of trying, sit upright in bed. I have to pull myself as far backwards as possible, slide the weights up to lower the splint, push up and balance myself like a tight rope performer. At first i could only stay up for a few minutes but I’m gradually getting used to it.

The barber is coming around today and I’ll be clipped again. Boy! I really need it.

After 8 weeks of having your pictures lie around supported only by pieces of blotter and adhesive tape, I’m going to make picture frames out of cardboard covered by leather. (see drawing) I’ll probably have to make 2 of them. All I need now is a box and I’ll mail the belt and coing purse home. If you’re leaving on the 12th I’m afraid you’ll be gone before the box arrives so I’m playing it safe and sending it to Phila. But if you are still in Wildwood for that week, Dad can bring it down.

They’re treating me like a patient now. Nose drops, pills, and medicine, except that I don’t sneeze and I don’t cough. But I’ll keep on taking the stuff as long as they continue to give it to me.

I’m making a brown and white belt for Betty from whom, by the way, I got a letter today. She’s coming back home Sun. nite.

Well, that’s all,


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