Nothing new – feel free to skip!

Nothing new - feel free to skip!

Weds Sept 6, 1944

Dear Mom,

Notice the new stationary. I finished the box Aunt Molly sent me so I just started on the new stuff.

Again, no mail from you today, so two tomorrow, I hope. I did get a letter from Butze who’s in the Navy at Great Lakes, Ill.

We had some rain last nite and it got slightly hotter. The sky is still very cloudy.

Oh, I almost forgot again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Gee, I wanted it to get to you on your birthday but I kept on forgetting. So, better late than never. I guess the belt and coin purse will be your birthday presents when they arrive.

I got Ernie Pyle’s “Here is your War” yesterday. We saw an old Abbott and ostello comedy “In the Navy” last nite.

Nothing new, I wrote myself dry yesterday. We’re having another inspection today when the officers come around and look at our x-rays. Maybe I’ll learn something new.

So, that’s all,



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