May the ocean breezes blow your way

May the ocean breezes blow your way

sept 8 19440001

Fri Sept 8, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

My luck, at least in bingo games, still holds out. Yesterday afternoon I won a leather covered autograph – photograph book. Very classy! The picture frame looks swell with two pictures in it. I’ll make another one for Paul and Betty as soon as she sends me one.

Last nite I woke up to what I thought was an earthquake but what finally turned out wasn’t some substrata disturbance but me shivering. I immediately rang for the ward boy and when he was good and ready, he came in, listened to my plea for a blanket and walked out again without saying a word. A few minutes later, he came back in with a blanket which he threw over me, except my left leg and silently left. It was up to me to get the rest of me covered but I finally did it.

Again I was the victim of the double clip. In other words I had my hair cut. It wasn’t such a bad trimming this time. I believe he used a #3 3/7 size bowl.

It sounds like this is a bad summer for you. I mean in the hay-fever end of it. One captain here has hay-fever and his nose is red and eyes are running. He told me the season starts a little later down here for him (first week of Sept) but isn’t that the time yours starts?

The ward is really empty now, the emptiest I’ve the emptiest I’ve ever seen it. Only six beds filled out of 12, and 3 of them are traction cases.

I can’t think of anything else,. May the ocean breezes blow your way.



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