Not for the faint of heart – Bruce provides a detailed description of how they put a pin in his knee

Not for the faint of heart - Bruce provides a detailed description of how they put a pin in his knee

sept 9 19440001

Sat. Sept 9, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

Really, the picture wasn’t that good. Don’t you think I look fatter around the face? My bed is 3rd from the wall seen in the picture, right on the aisle. [see letter for illustration] Also it’s second from the other wall. That’s a door next to my bed leading to a sun porch and steps for upstairs.

Yes, I do have a pin thru my leg right above the knee. That brace is attached to it and the rope with the weight on it is attached to the brace. In the beginning my knee gave me more trouble than the actual break but it’s ok now. It was so funny to watch them drive the pin thru from one side tot he other with a brace and bit device. Just like drilling thru a plank of lumber. They gave me a shot of morphine, I guess, before the drilling and I didn’t feel a thing when it went thru the bone, but it stung a little as it broke the skin on both sides.

Those pajamas were strictly props. It was too hot then to wear anything but now I’ve been wearing the top for the past few days.

I wrote to my old outfit the first week I was here but nobody answered. They have just finished their 10th week of the 17 week basic.

The transfer form is probably the official way of doing it, at least that’s the only thing the major told me.

Hutch thinks his wife will stay until the end of the month. I hope to be out of traction by that time and maybe on my way to another hospital.

Your belt and coin purse were finally mailed this morning. Hope you like them.

We saw a comedy mystery “Sweater Girl” last nite. Tw

Two more patients were brought in last nite., but they were transferred from private rooms to the ward. Now eery on in the ward is from Camp Hood – Killer’s College!

That’s all for now,


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