Evidence of a litigious society, even in 1944 – Bruce threatens to sue Hemmingway

Evidence of a litigious society, even in 1944 - Bruce threatens to sue Hemmingway

sept 14 19440001

Thur. Sept 14, 1944

Dear Folks,

Yesterday afternoon Olsen walks in and just like that, gives me a new big ship model. It’s a $4.00 Liberty Ship, solid wood hull and all parts cut out. I haven’t even got half way thru the other model and here I am – Henry Kaiser Hirshorn. About an hour later, two men one a civilian and the other a captain, came around and looked at our models and talked to us. It seemed that this civilian is responsible for us getting these models and he came in on tour of inspection.

I’m going to start “For Whom the Bell Tolls” today. It better be as good as I hear it is or I’ll sue Hemmingway.

We’ll probably have some sort of game by the Red Cross this afternoon.

The other fellow in traction with a break almost like mine is coming out in a few days, if not tomorrow. He is here 1 1/2 weeks longer than I, so maybe in 1 1/2 or 2 weeks…? Who knows? But we’re sort of skeptical of anything the major says, so maybe it will be a week or two before he actually comes out.

I’ve been expecting Marian and Marnie for the past week but so far I haven’t heard from or seen them. When were they supposed to come down here?

Last nite I had a lot of fun with little Larry on my bed. He just loves to see my boats and pictures of trains etc. The fun started when I heard him say “boak” instead of “boat”. So I kept saying boa-T T TTT until he finally got it, after a hilarious session.

Well, that’s all,


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