“Hirshorn, get back in bed!”

sept 15 19440001

Fri Sept 15, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

At least once a day now I squirm over and let my left leg down until I stand right on my foot. It looks and feels so funny that i wonder if I’m still to be considered a bed-patient. The nurse saw me and said, “Hirshorn, get back in bed!” My leg hasn’t felt numb since the day I broke it, and it didn’t last long even then. The only feeling I have now is a slight sensation of toightness or pulling around the pin or occasionally near the break but I’ve become so accustomed to it, I feel it only when I think about it . Again the major said something about being nice and tight (I mean the break not the major). Carl, the other fellow in traction , still hasn’t come out.

If I can find a carrier pigeon I’ll mail Betty’s belt to her today. The belt rattled in the box so I stuffed it with paper but before I put the paper around the belt I wrote her a letter on it. There isn’t any law about having writing on stuffing is there?

Yesterday I had my hair washed and shampooed but it was a good job and only my hair got wet – nothing else.

I hope that we do get the new movies from now on. Tonite will tell. This afternoon I’ll get a new book or two.

Whoops, my mail man is here
so – that’s all


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