Other injuries in the ward include “fell out of bed” and “had a big meat board fall on leg”

sept 13 19440001Weds. Sept 13, 1944

Dear Folks,

-and in walks the USO show. Entirely unannounced and unexpected the best show we’ve ever had come thru the wards this morning. It was full of singers, dancers, jugglers, comedians, and magicians and lasted almost 3/4 of an hour. There was one oldish but terrifically made up woman who made very funny cracks about us patients. She picked on the closest one to her a lot who happened to be my sailor friend. It was so funny I almost went into hysterics and began jingling my chains. Everybody looked at me and laughed all the harder. The last act was a magician who did marvelous card tricks and was continually lifting wallets from the 2 ward boys whom he asked to assist him.

Last nite we had Monty Wooley and Ida Lupino in “Life Begins at 8:30.” Probably that’s the kind of picture that wins Academy Awards, but I think we’d all enjoy a funny comedy better. The operator said that from now on we’re supposed to get new pictures, 1944 releases. If we keep our fingers crossed we’ll get “Mr. Winkle goes to War,” on Fri.

The ward is full again and 9 out of the 12 patients were hurt at Killer’s College – Camp Hood to you. If you’re interested the 9 were hurt as follows: 3 in jeep wrecks, 2 from gunshot wounds, 1 in obstacle course, 1 jumped into a ravine, 1fell out of bed and 1 had a big meat board fall on his leg. The other three were all hurt overseas.

After a week layover, I’ve began work on my ship again. Olsen gave me some water paints but they leave very smeary colors.

Yesterday I worked myself over as far as possible to the left so that my left leg hung clear off the bed and actually touched the floor. It got red and began to sting because of the blood reaching down. That happens to everybody who had a leg elevated, even the good ones, for some time.

Nothing new on the leg,
That’s all,



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