is he is or is he ain’t… France?

is he is or is he ain' France?

sept 20, 1944pg2

Wednesday, September 20, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

I thought something was strange when Aunt Bah wrote me and said that Non was still in Italy after you’d told me different. I’m still a little confused. Is he is or is he ain’t in France? I received the Komin’s candy but forgot to thank them when I wrote last week.

Sure enough I came out of yesterday’s bingo game a book and 2 packets of stationary to the better. The book looks (like) some class Z novel and I’ll give it to the Red Cross without wasting my time on it. Finally I got “A Tree—Brooklyn” and will start it soon.

For the past few days the major hasn’t made any comments on my leg but today we have the weekly inspection so maybe I’ll find something out.

We have a new Cadet Nurse in our ward who plays the ocarina. So, we are going to have a duet this afternoon and probably drive everybody crazy.

Last night we did have “Pin-Up Girl.” It wasn’t bad but had nothing, well practically nothing, to do with a pin up girl. I wonder what we’ll have on Friday.

That’s about all, nothing much is happening.
Love, Bru


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