Radio wishes come true and fire in the Pris Of War ward

Radio wishes come true and fire in the POW ward

sept 18 19440001

Monday, September 18, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Well, Carl came out of traction this morning and if, according to my calculations, I get out in the same time he did, it will be Friday a week or 11 weeks and 3 days. I wonder!

No mail but I did get a box of candy coated nuts from the Gessels. I’ll thank them of course but in addressing the envelope I think I’ll put J. Gessel instead of Jake or maybe I’ll put Jacob.

A couple of us sent in requests to the dinner music program and sure enough at 11:45 we hear, “We have a few requests from the boys of 26-A” etc.

Oh yes, they put Carl in a monsterous body cast covering his entire leg and up to his hips. In fact it’s so high he can’t sit up at all and can’t take a very deep breath. But they’ll cut it lower so he can.

Last nite about 9:30 we were startled to hear the fire horn and whistle let loose, followed by an announcement over the P.A. for all men on emergency detail to go to Ward 36. (Prisoner of War Ward). It seemed as if there was a small fire in the utility room with a few mops. The fire was quickly put out but they wouldn’t stop the sprinkler system for about 2 hours. What a mess.

Yesterday, Captain Trott, the man who worked on me, came up to see how I was getting along. He seemed pleased-so did I.

I have to rack my brains to get this far and they can’t stand too much racking right now so-
That’s all
Love, Bru


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